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Who is responsable for your personal details?

MILIMA is owned 100 % by NYATI Safari Lodge:

Nyati Safari Lodge (Pty) Ltd.
PostNet Suite 29
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What are your information used for?

Your personal informations are being used for following purposes:

  • Delivery of the egreed services
  • Communication to you regarding our services
  • Individual marketing, targeting of speciel tailored offers
  • Questionaires, statistics and analyses when imploving our products and services.
  • Delivery of agreed services
  • Communication with you in connection with the provision of our services
  • Individual marketing, targeting of tailor-made offers and services to exactly your personal needs and wishes
  • Surveys, statistics and analyzes to improve our products and services

Please note, in some cases we have to recieve your personal details in order to make the required reservations.

What information do we process about you?

We only process information about you for the purposes mentioned in the section "What is your information used for". The scope of the information processed will be limited to what is necessary to achieve that purpose. We process the following categories of information about you:

General information:

  • General contact information (such as name, email, phone number and address)
  • Gender and date of birth
  • Pictures
  • Demographics
  • Encrypted payment information
  • Purchase history
  • Cookie information
  • IP address
  • Information provided in connection with a possible appeal case Information for the trip: allergies, preferences and special considerations

Sensitive information:

  • If you provide health information or other sensitive information in connection with a complaint case, the information necessary for the processing of your case will be processed.
  • We only process sensitive information about you if you have given us your express consent.
  • Elephant Hills Lodge may also, subject to your express consent, process health information (eg information about allergies) about you in connection with the purpose of providing the service in question.
How do we collect your data?

The data we process about you will most often be collected directly from you.

We may process information about you collected from third parties, such as: Online sources, e.g. social media like Instagram and Facebook or other partners

If we process information about you collected from third parties, we will give you a notification which contains the contact information of the data controller, the purposes of the processing, the legal basis, the affected categories of personal data, etc.

On what basis do we process your personal data?

Our processing of personal data is always based on a legal basis. We may process your personal information on the following basis:

  • Your express consent
  • The processing is necessary to fulfill a contract to which you are a party, or for the purpose of implementing measures taken at your request prior to the conclusion of a contract
  • The processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation incumbent on Elephant Hills Lodge
  • The processing is necessary for Elephant Hills Lodge or a third party to pursue a legitimate interest. Legitimate interests may constitute: Continuous improvement of products, services, customer experience and technologies.
  • To target our communication with you according to your preferences.
How do we process your data when you sign up for our newsletter?

In order to distribute our newsletters, MILIMA will ask for the following information from you:

  • Email address
  • Name

We store your information in a database on a protected server. Only the webmasters of MILIMA have access to your information in collaboration with an external partner. We guarantee that we will not pass on or sell your email address to other companies. We only send out newsletters to the recipients who have chosen to sign up for the newsletter, and we use so-called "double registration", so that others can not use your e-mail address.

If you received our newsletter without giving us your consent, it may be because someone you know has forwarded it to you. When you sign up for our newsletter, you can expect to receive up to 12 newsletters a year from MILIMA. The newsletter will contain the latest offers, news and information about current travel. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter on this page at any time. You can also unsubscribe from the newsletter in a link at the bottom of the newsletters. MILIMA will store your personal information until you withdraw your consent. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the consent you have given.

Who can we share your information with?
  • Handling agents: Depending on which airline is used for the journey and which airport the journey departs from, different handling agents are used to perform services in connection with the journey to and from the airport. It can e.g. revolve around check-in and baggage handling. In connection with the performance of these services, the handling agent may have access to certain personal data necessary for the performance of the service.
  • Other: If you order other travel-related services through us, both within and outside the EU / EEA, e.g. excursions or other activities, where applicable, personal data may be provided to the person performing the service, if necessary to provide the service ordered. It can e.g. be the name, date of birth, age and gender of all passengers on the booking as well as the address and contact details of the main traveler.
  • Delivery to third countries: When we arrange trips to Africa and the Indian Ocean, some of our partners (such as hotels and airlines) are outside the EU / EEA area. This means that personal data may be transferred to business partners in these countries for the same purpose as described above, when necessary to provide the service you have requested. Regardless of the country to which MILIMA sends your personal information, MILIMA has an obligation to ensure that a high level of protection for your personal information is maintained.
  • Our partners and internally in MILIMA
  • Analysis and segmentation platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Buinessmanager, YouTube, LinkedIn or other social media Public authorities if required by law.
  • Warning registers that identify risky transactions for the purpose of combating (organized) online fraud.

If we share information about you with third parties for marketing purposes, we only share the general information you have entered yourself in connection with the purchase of travel or when subscribing to our newsletter.

When do we transfer personal data to countries outside the EU / EEA?

Your personal data may be processed by data processors located outside the EU / EEA.

If your personal information is processed by a provider in another country, MILIMA ensures that the provider only processes your information in accordance with the instructions from MILIMA and that the information is otherwise processed under appropriate technical and organizational security measures.

If we transfer personal information to a data processor located outside the EU / EEA, the data is processed only for the purposes mentioned in the section “What is your information used for". We only transfer your personal data abroad when:

  • The Commission has established that the country has an adequate level of security or
  • The transfer is based on an agreement that effectively secures your rights as well as an adequate level of protection or the transfer is based on the Commission's standard provisions.
How long do we keep your information?

MILIMA continuously deletes information about inactive customers, and only stores your information for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was originally collected. For Google Analytics, data is stored for 38 months. If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we will process the information necessary to administer it as long as you do not unsubscribe from the newsletter or inform us that you will no longer receive it. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

What security measures are taken?

At MILIMA, we do our best to take good care of your personal information. We secure your personal information through both technical and organizational security measures in order to protect your information against unauthorized access, manipulation, destruction / deletion or loss of information.

What are your rights?

As a registered customer of MILIMA, you have the following rights:

  • Viewing and correcting your customer information
  • Data portability, ie. that you can, upon request, receive the information you have provided to MILIMA in a structured, ordinary and machine-readable format
  • Possibility to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data Deletion

The exercise of your rights may be subject to conditions and restrictions and will largely depend on the specific treatment situation. As a customer of MILIMA, you can at any time request to have your personal information at MILIMA deleted. Your information will be deleted at your request if one of the following criteria applies:

  • You withdraw your consent (if your consent formed the basis for the treatment)
  • You do not want to receive direct marketing
  • The information turns out to be incorrect
  • No longer necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected
  • The information is being processed illegally

If you believe that MILIMA processes your personal information illegally, you have the opportunity to lodge a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Authority.


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Use of cookies

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